Young Receives Probation Charge in Texas DWI case

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Former University of Texas and NFL quarterback Vince Young had a run-in with the law earlier this month for a Texas DWI.

The football star is now facing the consequences of a DWI conviction for the 2016 drunken driving arrest that occurred in Austin, Texas. Keep reading for all the facts you need to know.

Vince Young Texas DWI Case

The Arrest

The former University of Texas football quarterback’s Texas DWI case began on January 24, 2016, when he was pulled over for erratic driving.

According to the county attorney’s office, Young’s blood-alcohol concentration was three times the legal limit.

The arresting officer wrote in an arrest affidavit that the 32-year-old smelled strongly of alcohol.

The officer included that Young’s balance was “swaying and unsure.” He also mentioned that Young showed symptoms of intoxication while walking and that he was not cooperative with the officer, although he remained polite, the affidavit said.

After the Arrest

Records show, following his arrest in Austin on a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated, Young was booked into Travis County Jail at 12:46 a.m.

After appearing before a Travis County judge, his bail was set at $2,000, court officials said. The bail amount was within the typical range for a case like this.

Young Receives Probation for Texas DWI

Following last January’s events, Young pleaded no contest for the Texas DWI.

He was sentenced to 18 months of probation for his offense, in addition to a $300 fine. Travis County Judge Elisabeth Earle also ordered Young to complete 60 hours of community service.

Young must also attend a drunken-driving class and install a device in his vehicle that won’t let it start if it detects alcohol on Young’s breath.

Young’s Facebook Apology

In a statement published Monday evening on his Facebook account, Young apologized for the Texas DWI arrest.

In his public apology, Young included that he was sorry to the people who look up to him and his employers for driving while intoxicated arrest.

“Regardless of the outcome of the pending investigation, I would like my friends, family, and fans to know that I do not condone drinking and driving in any way whatsoever,” Young said in the statement.

“I am very disappointed in myself and I am sorry for any conduct that has made this legal process necessary. I specifically want to apologize to the young men & women who look up to me as a role model and to my employers at the University of Texas and the Longhorn Network. Please let this be a lesson to you all and a moment for you to learn from. As a public figure, I take very seriously my obligation to set an example for others to learn from.”

Young played six seasons in the NFL, most of which were with the Tennessee Titans. This followed a brilliant career at the University of Texas where Young received a national title in 2005.

Impressively, as a junior, Young won the Davey O’Brien Award, awarded annually to the best college quarterback in the nation.

Now, Young works for the University of Texas, promoting diversity and community engagement.